Hi, I’m Constantina. I had problems conceiving for almost
4 long lonely years. In my search for answers, I went from
a corporate career as a project manager and business
analyst to a mentor, life coach and healer. Since then, I’ve
had 3 beautiful children and I now help other women,
like you, who have problems conceiving.

Problems conceiving can be lonely, but it shouldn’t be

During my search for answers, I realised the loneliness of trying to conceive was suffered by more women than just me. But it took me a long time to realise this.

It wasn’t a happy time in my life. With every birth of a friend’s baby, I’d sometimes smile through my own silent sadness thinking, why are so many other people falling pregnant except for me?

I’d go to christenings and buy baby clothes for nephews and nieces, while on the inside I was suffering from this overwhelming and consuming dread of not knowing…. When am I going to have my own baby to hold?

Doctors and well meaning friends

I’d been to many doctors, tried different diets and the priest even blessed the house. The people closest to me said all the ‘right’ things. The one I hated most, was ‘when are you having children?’

Was there something wrong with me?

Fears started to creep in. Anxiety started to take hold with what I was eating and drinking. The hope was replaced with despair at the end of every monthly cycle. Mentally, emotionally and spiritually, it was having a toll on me.

I needed someone to talk to

My problems conceiving were so personal, that I felt I couldn’t talk openly to my friends or family. I didn’t want to talk to them about my sex life. I felt like they couldn’t possibly know what I was going through.

I needed to talk to someone outside my network of family and friends. Someone who could talk to me straight and help me to heal.

My search for personal development

For 5 years I was studying personal development, these began in the years I was struggling to fall pregnant. I was looking for answers. Then in 2008 I started mentoring, healing and coaching worldwide using my renowned “TES” (3 Empowerment Spheres)™ methodology. Through my journey, I also wrote the online book “Happy In 9 Minutes” ™. The essential foundational elements of success are self-compassion and self-nourishment. With my experience, I can find the root of what’s holding you back and gently assist in letting it go.

Create the shift

If you’re having problems conceiving, a negative
mindset and feeling emotionally drained is not a
lifestyle choice worth pursuing. Do something about it.
Get control over your life now. Book a free 20 minute
consultation and we can talk about a plan tailor made
for you to start living again.