How can I lower my stress levels while trying to conceive?

So, stress is definitely not going to help you fall pregnant. But, between charting your temperature and the never-ending doctor appointments, how can you avoid stress?

Your work commitments, social activities (the ones you feel like going to) and your partner all take a mental toll. When is time for you?

Stressed Mind + Stressed Emotions = Body Stress

What do you do when you’re in this Stress Equation?

If you see yourself in the Stress Equation, then you need to take action now. Do something for yourself.

1. Identify your stress triggers

What’s the cause of your stress? When you start to feel stressed, either in your mind, body or emotionally, write it down. Even if you’re at the shops, type it into your mobile phone. Keep a record of your triggers.

The moment you become conscious of these triggers, you can put strategies in place to stop the effects of these triggers before the Stress Equation takes over.

2. Do something obtainable

Do something that’s easily obtainable. Make it something simple, yet enjoyable. This might include catching up on some reading, watching your favourite movie or going for a scenic walk through a local park.

Pick up the phone and chat with your girly friend or soaking in a bath is something you might want to make more time for.

3. Do something sustainable

Think of something you can do long term that’s achievable and sustainable. It doesn’t have to be planning to run a marathon or learning to fly a plane. Do something that will help you consistently long-term.

These are activities that you can do every day or every week. Each step you take actioning these sustainable activities –

  • Will gain you more clarity of mind.
  • You’ll feel emotionally free.
  • Will lighten the heavy load you’ve been carrying in your body.

Snap out of this Stress Equation now.

It’s best that your newly planned sustainable actions fit in with your everyday life and are enjoyable to do. Perhaps pick a time of day to do them, such as after dinner or when you wake up. This way, you’re assured to continue taking action long term.

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