When sex becomes a chore

After a few months of exciting, ‘baby making’ sex, free of all contraception, the doubts start to creep in. All your life you thought sex without protection was risky. One ‘slip up’ and you could end up pregnant. So why wouldn’t we fall pregnant now? Isn’t that part of what sex is for?

Sex to a schedule

Confused and a little worried, you start to Google ‘when to have sex to fall pregnant’. As more time ticks by, you start to pay more attention to your ovulation. Next step is charting your menstrual cycle.

Spontaneous sex becomes planned

Months come and go. Where once sex was fun, now it’s a means to an end. A chore that needs to be timed perfectly.

You make love on the days you’re really in the mood. You make love on the days that you’re not even in the mood. Why? Because the calendar says that these are your fertility days.

As months turn into years, you start to look to other tests to determine when you’re most fertile. You test your saliva, your temperature and body fluid, so sex can happen at the best possible time for fertilisation. But nothing happens.

Don’t go through the baby making journey alone

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