Real Results for Women Like You

How these clients uplifted their lives

“I was fortunate to come across Constantina at a time in my life where I was stuck and couldn’t accomplish what I wanted to do. I felt overwhelmed, sad and in despair. Thankfully Constantina’s coaching and healing revived me. “

Cheryl (Victoria, Australia)

“I used to have a senior executive position and large comfortable home and lifestyle…until one day I walked away from my job and the bank was wanting to foreclose on my family home and creditors were after me. I sat at my desk, clasping my hands and asked God for help. That’s when I started coaching with Constantina.”

Alex (Victoria, Australia)

“Thank you once again Constantina for guiding me towards the sunlight… You know the forest I used to be in? I feel you are the sun that has burned through those thick dark trees and shown me life again…”

Mary (Scotland, United Kingdom)

“When I met Constantina I was in an emotional rut, unable to focus and in total loss of my objectives and how to achieve them.

Working with Constantina is a truly transformational process, where the emotional and mental fog have been cleared using a thorough science based proven methodology.”

Helen Joseph (New South Wales, Australia)

“Before I started coaching, I was living an interesting life but identified some “gaps” that were quite challenging to fill. One of those was having the courage to have really fulfilling relationships. I was disconnected from people and once I started coaching, realised that this had become a pattern of behaviour.”

Julie C (New South Wales, Australia)

“Prior to coaching I was quite confused and It seemed like I had hit a brick wall in my life and didn’t know how to get past it. Many of my goals had been reached, but where to now?
As a coach Constantina was able to get me back on track so I could see where I was going, and to get to where I wanted to be. “

Fran P (New South Wales, Australia

“Constantina has listened to me, helped me understand and change my outward projection of energy. She’s helped my re-focus my energy by changing the mind set that I had. She’s helped me regain my confidence, to become positive and look towards a future. On a personally note, she’s helped me believe in myself and who I am, and as a result my love life has improved spectacularly.”

G M (New South Wales, Australia)